Student and Children Projects

University Students Visit the Biennial with the Support of Koç Holding
» University students will have free admission to the Biennial venues upon showing their student cards. To enjoy this opportunity, students only need to visit the “University Students visit the Biennial with the Support of Koç Holding” desks at Biennial venues and show their student cards.

Children Meet the Biennial with the Support of Koç Holding
» The project is developed in cooperation with the Pace Children’s Arts Center and aims at enhancing the exhibition culture of children and their interest in contemporary arts and helping them to get acquainted with some of the basic artistic terms and concepts. While strolloing through the Biennial, the children will put into practice what they learn and talk about.

Venue: Antrepo No.3
Age groups: 6-7 / 8-11 / 12-14

» The training will be held from September 13 until the end of the Biennial in two groups; 6 days/week between October 13-23 and 2 days/week in all other times. There will be 2 training groups each day. There will be no training on September 20, Sunday and September 22, Tuesday.

Tuesday 10.00-12.00 + 12.30-14.30
Sunday 13.00-15.00 + 15.30-17.30

October 13-23
Everyday except Monday
Weekdays: 10.00-12.00 + 12.30-14.30
Weekends: 13.00-15.00 + 15.30-17.30

» The groups shall allow maximum 20 participants; hence, the reservations will have priority. Children and their guardians can participate in the trainings with a Biennial ticket and a guided tour ticket.

0 212 334 07 93 (on week days 9.30-17.30)

Training Programme for Art Teachers with the support of Vehbi Koç Foundation

A special training programme for art teachers working in private and public primary and high schools in İstanbul will be realised during the 11th International İstanbul Biennial. Involving Mine Küçük as expert trainer, the programme aims at increasing the art teachers’ interest in contemporary art, contibuting to the widening of their vision and bringing a new perspective to their approach towards the students. The programme is supposed to reach 100 art teachers in total. After the traning and guided tours that will be provided for the teachers, the purpose of the programme is to ensure their visits to the Biennial with their students and to reach 15.000 students.