Natalya Dyu
Feriköy Greek School

Born in 1976, Karaganda. Lives in Almaty.

Natalya Dyu's approach to her subjects may seem ironic, but her works completely immerse themselves in their social reality, unravelling the processes through which habits are formed, expectations are created and dreams are constructed.
Happystan (2007) is set to the clichéd words of a song written by Andrey and Aliya Belyayev, one of the richest couples in Kazakhstan, who take pleasure in having their compositions performed by well-known Russian and Kazakh singers. The video juxtaposes documentary shots of the pale depressive quality of daily life in Almaty, with a layer of fake smiles and illusions of happiness pouring from the lyrics of the song and from different forms of advertising spread across the city. It provides a critical account of Kazakhstan's dismal reality: Andrey Belayev, the author of the song's grotesquely upbeat lyrics is also the owner of the ruined banking empire 'Valyut-Tranzit' and is currently imprisoned for fraud.