Shahab Fotouhi
Antrepo No.3

Born in 1980, Yadz. Lives in Tehran and Frankfurt.

Shahab Fotouhi's works often present everyday occurrences and political incidents, borrowing elements from popular culture, art history or collective memory.
Study for Nuclear Bomb Shelter (No.?137) (2005-09) is a sculptural installation, which reflects Fotouhi's playful dealing with highly charged issues. A large plastic mushroom sits atop a metal cage containing a ladder of rainbow-coloured neon lights. The mushroom appears innocent and cartoon-like, but also resembles an atomic cloud, and whilst its name suggests protection from radioactive fallout, its sinister and threatening form points to the ways it is nourished by the paranoia of war. By merging symbolic language with references to iconic minimalist sculptures, Study for Nuclear Bomb Shelter (No.?137) triggers various associations that ultimately resist definition.