İnci Furni
Antrepo No.3

Born in 1976, Bursa. Lives in İstanbul.

İnci Furni's drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations deal with prevailing issues and the construction of gender roles in contemporary Turkish society. For example, her explicitly female Robot (2007) is a tin sculpture embodying a hybrid between machine and social organism. Referring to Greek mythology where the sculptor Pygmalion used ivory to form Galatea, his ideal woman, Furni recycled an old chimney pot found on the street to visualise the ideal woman in front of a golden Turkish flag. This powerful symbolic language is also visible in her large-sized paintings, which visualise the artist's subjective interpretations of Turkey's rapid social transformation.
Spirit (2007-2009) continues Furni's interest in observing different models of gender identity in contemporary Turkish culture. Her paintings on cotton sensitively capture current stereotypes about the lives of women in the Middle East. Pictures of the crescent moon and star, of popular women with and without scarves, provocative illustrations of political issues, legends and advertisements, all connected with the deconstruction of the ideal Turkish woman, challenge society's normative rhetoric. By exaggerating religious, patriarchal and heterosexual clichés, she opens up a pleasurable, relational space of symbolic disorder.