Vlatka Horvat
Feriköy Greek School

Born in 1974, čakovec. Lives in New York

Vlatka Horvat's projects explore different ways of positioning the body, usually female, in spatial surroundings and social systems that inevitably generalise, transform and fragment the image of the body and its functions. The body in Horvat's work tends to be caught in transitory states and represented as a vulnerable object struck by hidden or invisible violent acts.
For Example (2009) brings to the fore a wide range of bodily constellations that employ modified objects and diagrammatic or model-like 'propositions' on paper, and that borrow aspects of their visual language from technical and 'How To' manuals, pictorial guides, charts and plans. The dysfunctional relationship between the body and its surroundings becomes inscribed into fluid states of inadequacy and redundancy, the repetition and variation of which become part of the traumatised but also expanded field of the female body conceived of not only as a site of testing and rehearsal, but also of reinvention and reconfiguration.