Mounira Al Solh
Antrepo No.3

Born in 1978, Beirut. Lives in Amsterdam and Beirut.

Mounira Al Solh's multidisciplinary installations use an ironic and fictional approach to investigate everyday reality, questioning things that seem to be normal for others, whilst maintaining a self-reflexive position.
The Installation The Sea is a Stereo (2007-09) introduces us to a group of men in Beirut who swim every day no matter what the circumstances: rain, wind or war. Their obsessive practice appears as an act of resistance against the impossibility of leading an 'ordinary life' in their own country. This
struggle for normality takes a sudden twist when the artist quite literally speaks for the men. The artist uses her voice to expose the vulnerability of the men's practice and as a shortcut for showing the fiction of 'normality'.
Mounira Al Solh's magazine NOA (Not Only Arabic) is conceived as an experimental gesture located between exclusive magazine and performance. The second issue will be launched at the İstanbul Biennial under the title Arrest Buried Under Something Else (2009). It deals with the concept and notion of arrest. Contributions include: Contempt of Self and Body by Mohammed Abi Samra, To All the Winds That Cannot be Arrested by Alena Alexandrova, For Security Reasons by Amal Issa, In Exchange For Movement by Zachary Formwalt and Statement VI by Erden Kosova. "
Due to space and time constraints, viewing the magazine is by appointment only, from 10-12 September, 2009, between 12.00-19.00. To make an appointment, please call + 90 (534) 397 38 79.