Sanja Iveković
Antrepo No.3
Feriköy Greek School

Born in 1949, Zagreb. Lives in Zagreb.

Since the 1970s, Sanja Iveković's artistic practice has taken a clear feminist and activist position and has continuously confronted issues of gender and politics.
Sunglasses (2009) is a collaboration with Mor Çatı, a foundation for women victims of violence in İstanbul. The personal stories of the abused women who are currently taking refuge in the Mor Çatı shelter are used as textual interventions on advertisements for famous brands of sunglasses, alluding to the use of dark glasses to hide bruises. The work is published as an advertisement in two Turkish magazines Elele and İstanbul Life, and appears as a poster in various public locations.
Turkish Report 09 (2009) consists of red sheets of paper printed with the main points from a report on the status of women in Turkey by Turkish NGOs. The report refers to a number of important issues relating to gender inequality, including the most alarming subject of honour killings, which is still a major issue in Turkey. The papers are scattered around all the Biennial venues. The artist treats the printed sheets like rubbish, as is often the fate of such reports in powerful organisations. At the same time the report has been turned into a campaign leaflet.