Donghwan Jo & Haejun Jo
Antrepo No.3

Haejun Jo      
Born in 1972, Jeonju. Lives in Seoul and Berlin.
Donghwan Jo
Born in 1934, Jeonju. Lives in Jeonju.

The collaboration between the artist Haejun Jo and his father Donghwan Jo, also an artist, started in 2002. After hearing about his father's first encounter with Western modern art through the catalogue of an exhibition of French art shown in Japan in 1927, Haejun initiated a collaboration to learn more about his father's life and his views on art and politics. Their joint works delve into the tensions between the spread of global modernism and geo-political concerns during the Cold War.
US Army and Father - Documentary Drawing Series (2002-2009) is based on Jo senior's memories of the Korean War, and includes drawings and texts based on the period 1945-1959. It begins with Donghwan Jo's childhood; his father being drafted to Hokkaido, where as a boy Donghwan Jo saw American soldiers for the first time, and continues to his own military service in 1959 as a US soldier in the 'Korean Augmentation to the United States Army'.
Amazing Father - Oral Statement Drawing Series (2005) focuses on one neglected segment of South Korean art history from 1980-1990, when a group of artists and activists fought for more autonomous cultural production. The series addresses the issue of censorship, and depicts twenty-two stories retold by different artists who were the protagonists of the 'popular arts' movement.