(presented by Zofia Kulik)
Feriköy Greek School

Zofia Kulik
Born in 1947, Wroclaw. Lives in Warsaw.
Przemyslaw Kwiek
Born in 1945, Warsaw. Lives in Warsaw.

From 1971 to 1987 Zofia Kulik and Przemyslaw Kwiek collaborated as an artist duo called KwieKulik, producing different forms of archives, films, object installations and performed actions. In their private living space they continuously removed the boundaries between art and life, by creating their own 'underground' laboratory, in which they organised a series of lectures, screenings and exhibitions, resulting in the formation of the self-organised micro-institution PDDiU in 1975.
From the birth of their son in 1972 until 1974, KwieKulik worked on Activites with Dombromierz. At the same time the project was of an archival and performative nature, and consists of many slides (700 colour and 200 black and white). The actions resulted from meticulously planned research based on analysis of different fields of logic, the linguistic theory of signs, praxeology and mathematical calculations that form an important theoretical aspect of their work. The research became a blueprint according to which the child and various elements such as household objects became part of strange and often uneasy constellations. The impression that Dobromierz is turned into an object-child is inevitable, but this treatment of him as live material should be considered in the context of KwieKulik's work, which on the one hand explored the possibility of removing the boundaries between art and life, and on the other, builds on Polish architect Oskar Hansen's theory of Open Form.
By reinterpreting the Activities with Dombromierz archive, Zofia Kulik reflects upon this key work and its concerns, such as parenthood, the trauma of prescribed social roles and the status of the radical art experiment that is able to produce a different vision of social normality and existence.