Aydan Murtezaoğlu & Bülent Şangar
Antrepo No.3

Aydan Murtezaoğlu
1961, İstanbul. İstanbul'da yaşıyor.
Born in 1961, İstanbul. Lives in İstanbul.
Bülent Şangar
1965, İstanbul. İstanbul'da yaşıyor.
Born in 1965, İstanbul. Lives in İstanbul.

For twenty years Aydan Murtezaoğlu and Bülent Şangar have engaged with the social norms that construct the subjective experiences of contemporary Turkish society. Unemployed Employees - I found you a new job! (2009) is their first 'official' collaboration, a joint attempt to place their entire artistic practice within the complex system of labour relations and the conditions of production.

The participants of Unemployed Employees - I found you a new job! are young, unemployed university graduates who have signed up for a paid job announced in the newspapers. The installation resembles a shop or factory, where the young people carry out pointless actions. Some of them endlessly fold and unfold clothes, whilst others offer perfume samples as if in a department store. These futile actions place the work within the larger framework of the 'service-industries'. The employees are encouraged to express their ideas and thoughts in a dialogue with each other and with the audience. The artists have indicated that the aim of the project is to question the defeats and decrease of social justice created by capitalism through 'the transition process from proletariat to precariat'.