Larissa Sansour
Feriköy Greek School

Born in 1973, Jerusalem. Lives in Copenhagen.

Larissa Sansour works mostly with video, but she also uses different media such as photography and documentaries. Her projects deal with Palestinian political reality, and the ways it impacts on the conditions of everyday life.
The video Soup Over Bethlehem (2006) depicts an ordinary Palestinian family, Sansour's own, seated around a table on a rooftop overlooking Bethlehem. 'Mloukhieh', a national Palestinian dish is served, and what starts as a culinary discussion about the foodsoon evolves into a personal and engaging conversation about the politics and conditions of life under the restraints of occupation. Snatches of English occasionally interrupt the Arabic spoken around the table, indicating the ways in which fragmented identities are rebuilt through life in exile. The routine issues discussed amongst family members in the middle of the occupation counters clichés about victimhood and the stereotyped debates over identity.
'I'm so occupied these days', says one of the people at the table towards the end of the video. Someone replies, laughing: 'Aren't we all.' Along with Sansour's other projects, Soup Over Bethlehem breaks up ethnic stereotypes with a strategic dose of humour, and depicts Palestinian reality in a way that remains critical, yet steers clear of representational clichés.