Mladen Stilinović
Antrepo No.3
Tobacco Warehouse 1 & 2

Born in 1947, Belgrade. Lives in Zagreb.

Since the mid-1970s, Mladen Stilinović has developed artistic strategies using 'poor' materials. His works are simple in their execution and engage with such subjects as pain, poverty, death, power and the language of repression, as ongoing and mutually connected conditions. Usually the title is inscribed into the work itself, for example, in a series dealing with food: Geometry for the poor, Cabbage, Borecole, Potato, Bean, Leek, Corn, Cakes, I bite myself, I devour myself, Eat yourself, Bite yourself and Charge, cakes! By using clumsy, uneven handwriting and cheap, readily available or organic materials, such as food, which he often places in dialogue with the space and context of the exhibition, the artist is underlining fragility and the vulnerability of existence. This is evident in the brutal fragmentation of words, signs and objects, as well as obsessive repetition and confusing juxtapositions. The use of colour is very important in Stilinović's art. White indicates emptiness and nothingness, black is the colour of death and red is the colour of ideology and political power.
The work Nobody Wants to See (2009), is based on the fact that the three richest men in the world own as much as six hundred million of the poorest people, and is a visual realisation of that fact. The repetitive nature of this work consists of numerous prints that inscribe this inequality within the body of the exhibition.