Vangelis Vlahos
Antrepo No.3

Born in 1971, Athens. Lives in Athens.

Using research methodologies, and archival material, Vangelis Vlahos composes open narratives as a tool to rethink historical concepts. Central to Vlahos' body of work is a long-standing interest in confronting the language of architecture with that of politics and economic power. He is interested in the ways in which architecture and urban surroundings reflect historical processes in ideologies and national politics. His constructed and found archives include material from the press, state archives or the Internet, being conceived as fragmental items of the past, which are reconnected in a new context.
The title of the work Grey Zones (2009) refers to the terminology used by Turkish authorities to describe disputed areas of the Aegean Sea that have repeatedly caused political and military tensions between Greece and Turkey. The installation presents two instances of such tensions, using parallel sets of photographs of boats found in Greek newspaper archives. The boats were part of Greek attempts to utilise the Aegean Sea in the 1970s. Using everyday images, the work becomes a meditation on how the contemporary media represents ideas of conflict and territory.