Karen Andreassian
Tobacco Warehouse 1 & 2

Born in 1957, Yerevan. Lives in Yerevan.

Karen Andreassian's documentary work extends beyond the exhibition space. His interdisciplinary research records the political and geological landscapes of Armenia and the social transformation it faces in post-Soviet times. For example, in Voghchaberd Project (2003) Andreassian has created a documentary archive of a village close to Yerevan. This rural area, deeply affected by a landslide, faces an ongoing state of uncertainty. Using a hand-held camera Andreassian records the people within the disappearing landscape, and by placing them in an electronic space gives access to the different geo-anthropological layers of their lives.
Ontological Walkscapes (2009) is a project realised by the artist in collaboration with Paris-based writer and independent researcher, Stephen Wright, and five students from the Department of Art History and Theory at Yerevan State University. Andreassian takes on the role of a walker, inspired by political walks that took place along Northern Avenue in Yerevan, following the forceful dispersion of post-election demonstrations in Yerevan's central Azatutyan (Freedom) Square. In Andreassian's political walks, students' personal stories are physically and mentally traced, creating a map of connected places. The project's extensive material -its papers, photographs and documents- are included in a book of the same title.